The Seas Are Rising and So Are They (in collaboration with Joel Sternfeld, Vogue)

Some Plant Stuff, Man: Tending the Global Garden with Milford Graves (HAOMA journal)

Signs of Change (on my family’s history of Deafness and the 125th anniversary of the NC School for the Deaf, Our State, October issue)

On the Sixth Day: Alessandra Sanguinetti’s Portrait of Life and Death in Agricultural Argentina (Magnum Photos)

How to Map a Territory You Don’t Own: An Interview with Mitch Epstein (Aperture)

The Deadpan World of Nathaniel Mary Quinn (WSJ Magazine September Men’s Fashion issue)

Knit Club: a story paired with photographs by Carolyn Drake, from her forthcoming book (Magnum Photos)

In Country Music, Nobody Is Thinking About How to Move People (profile of Tyler Childers, The Guardian)

Sunday Review: Roky Erickson’s Never Say Goodbye (Pitchfork)

Prince: Originals (Pitchfork, Best New Reissue)

The Trap House–Busting Vigilante of Pine Ridge Reservation (Topic; photographed by Taliesin Gilkes-Bower
; a Longform pick)

This Side of Paradise: The Camp Fire Recovery (Vogue; photographed by Justine Kurland)

The Blue, Wandering Life of Townes Van Zandt (The Guardian)

Sonic Youth: Sister (Pitchfork)

But I Don’t Ever Lie: On Lucia Berlin (The Paris Review)

Everybody Has Tones, essay for David Byrne’s True Stories (Criterion Collection), order here…and read online here

That Chord! (on Etta Baker, for Oxford American’s North Carolina Music Issue, print)

Cover story profile of musician and artist Lonnie Holley, The Guardian (Film & Music issue)

Willie Nelson Tour Bus interview: ‘I don’t believe in closing the border’ (The Guardian)

The Power of Nathan Phillips’ Song (Vogue)

Sharon Van Etten Gets Free (Vulture/New York)

On April Dawn Alison’s secret photographs (Bookforum, Summer 2019 issue)

A Joyful Noise Grows in Brooklyn (Curbed Longform, photographed by Chris Mottalini)

In the Place Where Prince Lived (a collaboration with Alec Soth, Vogue)

A Mysterious and Unparalleled Vision: An Interview with Joy Williams on Her New and Collected Stories (Vogue)

Standing Rock Rising: Inside the Movement to Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline (with photographs by Alessandra Sanguinetti) (Vogue)

Return to Standing Rock (a collaboration with Mitch Epstein, Vogue)

The Girls (an essay on Justine Kurland's early Girl pictures, So It Goes, Issue 11)

Repo Man: Glen Campbell in Charles Portis's Norwood (Paris Review)

An extended essay on Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger, Sunday Review (Pitchfork)

"Let's Stand for the Mountains!": Native North America Gathering of Musicians in Toronto (The Guardian)

Frank’s Cocktail Lounge Is an Iconic Neighborhood Bar — Frank Perkins Was the Man Who Made Sure of That (New York)

Searching for Sam Shepard Aboard the Sunset Limited (Vogue)

An Afternoon with William Eggleston, Who Changed the Way We See the World (Vogue)

Chauncey Hare's Protest (Aperture "American Destiny" print issue)

To Burn Again (on the narrative of fire, and Brandi Twilley's paintings, Affidavit)

NIgel Poor and the San Quentin photographs that led to Ear Hustle: Prison Nation issue (Aperture)

Reimagining Female Identity in a Ukrainian Orphanage: Carolyn Drake (Paris Review)

Mash Turning (Southwest Review)

Captioning for the Blind (Monofonus Press; Best American Nonrequired Reading)

Standing Rock Rising: Inside the Movement to Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline (with photographs by Alessandra Sanguinetti) (Vogue)

American Women: The Water Protectors: “Our People Are a Matriarchal Society” (with photographs by Alessandra Sanguinetti) (Vogue)

Return to Standing Rock (a collaboration with Mitch Epstein, Vogue)

What Amy Goodman’s Arrest Warrant Means for the Dakota Access Pipeline and Free Speech (Vogue; republished by Democracy Now!

What Lies Beneath Lake Oahe: Looking at the Past From the Shores of Standing Rock (Lapham's Quarterly)

All Eyes on Standing Rock: The World Is Watching (Vogue)

Congratulations, Donald Trump, You Just Reignited the DAPL Resistance (Vogue)

Why the Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance Won’t Come Up at the Presidential Debates (and Why It Should) (Vogue)

William Ferris and Capturing the Voices of Mississippi (The Guardian)

The Last Poets Sunday Workshop in Harlem (The Guardian)

Hailu Mergia: the Ethiopian Jazz Legend Who Jams in His Taxi (The Guardian)

'You Don't Own Me or Control Me': Janelle Monáe cover story (The Guardian, Film & Music)

Rewriting Love Underneath the Hollywood Sign: The Story of eden ahbez and “Nature Boy” (Vogue)

Breakfast at the Peppermint Lounge (an essay for the Criterion Collection edition of Smithereens)

A Gun and a Guitar (The Paris Review)

Outlaw’s Territory (Guernica and Guernica Annual)

Slowly, and With Much Expression: Alec Soth’s Songbook (Guernica)

Protest Soul: Music for Healing a Broken World (Pitchfork Review)

The Interstellar Style of Sun Ra (Pitchfork Review)

A Story of Two Sisters, Rikers, and Russian Roulette (Topic)

Lake Fun (The Believer) *recently republished online

Brown Mountain Lights (The Believer) *recently republished online

The Year the Music Died (Vogue)

On Sam Shepard's Final Book, and Patti Smith's Tribute to Her Longtime Friend (Vogue)

The Tears of Denis Johnson (a collective tribute, published by Longreads)

Beautiful Country, Burn Again: On Joan Didion’s New, Unfinished Book (Vogue)

Reading Tove Jansson’s The Summer Book (Vogue)

Nobel Prize Winner Svetlana Alexievich Speaks in New York After Orlando (Vogue)

Where James Baldwin Left Off: A New Book Reignites the Conversation About Race in America (Vogue)

Katherine Dunn, Author of Geek Love, Has Died (Vogue)

Gay Talese on a New Illustrated Edition of Frank Sinatra Has a Cold (Vogue)

The Replacements’ story is told bottle by bottle, song by song in the new book Trouble Boys (Los Angeles Times)

Why Matt Gallagher’s New Novel About the Iraq War Matters Now (Vogue)

A Vivid New Novel Takes on the California Drought: Claire Vaye Watkins Talks Gold Fame Citrus (Vogue)

War Stories: Phil Klay’s Redeployment, the Iraq Experience Told Firsthand (Vogue)

Nevada Gothic: An Interview with Claire Vaye Watkins (The New Yorker)

An Interview with Damien Echols of the Memphis Three on Life After Death (Signature)

On Patti Smith, Joseph Mitchell, Mary Karr, and Alec Wilkinson (Signature)

In Big Sur, Storytelling Under the Redwoods (T/The New York Times)

To the Lighthouse — On Staten Island (Curbed Longform, photographed by Chris Mottalini)

In Louis Armstrong’s World: Corona, Queens (Curbed Longform, photographed by Chris Mottalini)

Living on an NYU Superblock (Curbed Longform, photographed by Chris Mottalini)

Exploring the 'Nantucket of the Bronx,' an island of contradictions (Curbed Longform, photographed by Chris Mottalini)

The Fire This Time: California (with photographs by Nich Hance McElroy) (Vogue)

Women of the Wool: Stories and Photographs of Sheep Shearers (with photographs by Nich Hance McElroy) (Vogue)

Southern Gothic: William Eggleston in Memphis, on the Eve of His Whitney Retrospective (New York Magazine)

Common Thread: Profile of Jordan Nassar, WSJ magazine September Men’s issue

The Cultish Allure of the Children's Book "The Lonely Doll" (The New Yorker/Page-Turner)

The Strange, Accidental Allure of Craigslist Mirrors (Vogue)

Picturing New York’s Forgotten Borough: A Visit to Staten Island with Photographer Christine Osinski (Vogue)

Through the Looking Glass: Profile of Ming Smith, Cultured, photographed by Katsu Naito

On Dawoud Bey’s Seeing Deeply, Bookforum (print only)

Saving Grace: Garry Winogrand's Art of the Ephemeral Moment (April/May 2018, Bookforum)

A Young Japanese Photographer's View of Harlem in the Nineties (The New Yorker/Photo Booth)

Rose Marie Cromwell’s El Libro Supremo de la Suerte (Bookforum)

Alec Soth's Mississippi Dreamers in a Nightmare America (Paris Review)

Everything That Rises (catalogue essay for Robert Knight's "Transnational" exhibition)

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz on Gordon Parks (Cultured cover story, photographed by Jamel Shabazz)

On Alessandra Sanguinetti's Photographs of France (Vogue)

Camping with Mermaids at Weeki Wachee Springs (Vogue)

Country Women (Vogue)

Taking the Waters (Vogue)

Behind the Scenes of Another Night: Choreographer Kyle Abraham (Vogue)

The Threat of Being Seen: Alex Prager (Aperture)

George Steinmetz Photographs a Protest at Battery Park (Vogue)

Sadie Barnette Turned Her Black Panther Father’s FBI File Into Art (Vogue)

The Radical Feminist Posters of the U.K.’s See Red Workshop (Vogue)

Stephen Shore’s Uncommon Places Revisited by a New Generation (Vogue)

He Shot Andy Warhol: Billy Name, Photographer of Edie and the Velvets, Dies at 76 (Vogue)

Through the Lens of Blondie's Chris Stein (T and The New York Times)

Come for the Photos, Stay for the Films: Danny Lyon at the Whitney (Vogue)

Reframing the Legacy of Walker Evans, in a New Exhibition (Vogue)

Picturing the American South: The Year's Best Photo Books (Vogue)

Buck Ellison (Aperture "Elements of Style" issue)

A Conversation with Nan Goldin on the 30th Anniversary of The Ballad of Sexual Dependency (Vogue)

A New Documentary About Robert Frank Goes Beyond The Americans (Vogue)

Robert Frank’s Newsprint Retrospective Is True to the Photographer’s Revolutionary Spirit (Vogue)

The Family Acid’s 1970s Photographs of Big Sur (Vogue)

Remembering Malick Sidibé, Who Captured the Look of a Changing West Africa (Vogue)

A New Francesca Woodman Photo Book Demands a Closer Look (Vogue)

A Trove of Vintage Countercultural Photographs Sees the Light of Day (T/The New York Times)

Spot's Photos of the 1980s Southern California Skate-Punk Scene (T/The New York Times)

Justine Kurland’s Vivid, Haunting Photographs of Men and Cars (T/The New York Times)

After Sally Mann’s Memoir, a New Look at Her Most Famous Photographs (Vogue)

130 Ways of Looking at Los Angeles: A New Book Reimagines the Golden Dream (Vogue)

Picturing Paris, Texas: A New Volume Collects Wim Wenders’s Photographs of the Town Behind the Film (Vogue)

The Grand Ole Opry Turns 90! Henry Horenstein on His Photographs of ’70s Nashville (Vogue)

Mary Ellen Mark Has Died at 75: A Retrospective of the Photographer’s Pictures for Vogue (Vogue)

Julian Wasser’s Photographs of the California Dream, and Its Underbelly (The New York Times/T)

Bohemian Rhapsody: Peter Schlesinger’s A Photographic Memory (Vogue)

Where in the World Do Agnes Martin’s Visionary Paintings Belong? (Vogue)

Writers and Designers Build Their Ideal Bookshelf (Vogue)

Object Lessons: A Conversation with Christian Patterson (The Paris Review)

Photographer Karlheinz Weinberger’s New Book Is a Treasure Trove for Rebellious Denim Heads (Vogue)

On Cartooning: Interviews with Daniel Clowes, Phoebe Gloeckner, Chris Ware, Jason Lutes, Seth (POV/American Documentary)

An Interview with Joseph Szabo: The Photographer on His Rolling Stones Fans (Vogue)

Following the Dust Tracks: Touring Florida Through the Eyes of Zora Neale Hurston (photographed too; The Washington Post Magazine)

On the Water Frontier: In Search of New York City’s Last Pioneers (photographed too; Transgressor)

Pittsburgh Forges Ahead: Revisiting the City Eugene Smith Photographed (photographed too: The Washington Post Magazine)

Soul-Searching: Graceland’s Daily Visitor in Memphis, Tennessee (The Washington Post Magazine)

Spin Control (The Washington Post Magazine, honorable mention in Best American Sportswriting)

This is Carolina Country: Bringing the South to Brooklyn, One Truckload at a Time (Edible Brooklyn)

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road: Story of a Land of Oz Theme Park (photographed too; Oxford American; print only)

Waking Up to New York: Early Days in the City (New York magazine; later became the book My First New York)

Jlin: Woman of Steel (profile of the artist in Gary, Indiana, Pitchfork)

Jane Birkin: On Film, On Serge, On Refusing to Say Her Own Name (Vogue)

An Interview with Marianne Faithfull (

Angel Olsen: Phases (Pitchfork)

Jackie Shane: Any Other Way (Pitchfork)

The Leon Bridges Phenomenon (Vogue)

X: Los Angeles (Pitchfork)

With Quest, A Documentary Disrupts American Narratives About Race (Vogue)

The Making of the Outlaw Country Documentary Heartworn Highways (Vogue)

To Remember the Missing and Murdered, a Marathon of One (Vogue)

Betty Davis: Nasty Gal (Pitchfork)

On Lynn Castle’s album, Rose Colored Corner (Pitchfork)

Blue Velvet Revisited: A New Documentary on the Making of David Lynch’s Classic Film (Vogue)

A New Documentary Explores Unseen Life on a Native Reservation (Vogue)

Famous for Being Famous in Downtown ’80s New York: Susan Seidelman on Smithereens (Vogue)

The Future Is Psychedelic: Purling Hiss’s “3000 A.D.” (Vogue)

A Wanderlust Soundtrack of L.A.: Kevin Morby’s New Album Singing Saw

How River Phoenix’s Coming of Age Anticipated My Own (Vogue)

The Diary of a Teenage Girl Cast on Rewriting the Sexual Coming-of-Age Story (Vogue)

The Jesus and Mary Chain’s Jim Reid on the Making of Psychocandy (Vogue)

Field Notes from a Catastrophe: Interview with Elizabeth Kolbert (POV/American Documentary)

The War on Drugs’ Adam Granduciel About His New Album Lost in a Dream (Vogue)

What Music Inspires David Lynch? (Vogue)

Catching Up with Linda Manz, the Original Punk Rock Girl of Film (T/The New York Times)

An Interview with Angel Olsen (Vogue)

New Songs from Old Friends: An Interview with Vetiver (Vogue)

#JeSuisKim: Kim Gordon on Her New Memoir (Vogue)

On Rihanna and Fashion (Pitchfork)

Venus X, a profile (November 2017 print issue of W magazine)

William Eggleston’s Daughter Andra Turns Her Father’s Drawings Into Fashion (Vogue)

KIm Gordon and the X-Girl Factor (Vogue)

A Vivid Folkloric Tradition Is Alive and Well in Oaxaca City (Vogue)

Scenes from a Beauty Pageant in Thailand, Where Fashion Takes Center Stage (Vogue)

Patti Smith and Ann Demeulemeester (Vogue)

The Grievous Angel Style of Gram Parsons Lives On (Vogue)

Why Dolly Parton Doesn’t Need Fashion (And Why Fashion Desperately Needs Dolly) (Vogue)

Melia and Mirabelle Marden Fall for Apiece Apart (Vogue)

Vogue Stories: Isabella Rossellini and Lauren Hutton (Vogue)

Stories from the Issue, Oxford American North Carolina Music Issue, Charlotte, North Carolina, November 28

Self Storage, Testsite exhibition with Dave Bryant at Fluent~Collaborative, Austin, Texas, through October 28